Chris Polimeni

Environmental Scientist

Travis R. Money

Vice President & Manager of Ecological Services

Alicia L. Diehl, M.S.

Owner/Chief Executive Officer

Our staff have spent their entire lives exploring the diverse ecological habitats that abound the United States, providing us with intimate knowledge of native flora and fauna.    

Earning our higher education degrees at prestigious universities and proactively pursuing continuing education, we've combined our passion for the outdoors with the technical and scientific expertise necessary to assist you with maintaining environmental compliance throughout the planning, construction and post-construction phases of your project.

Having worked in public and private engineering consulting in energy, telecommunications, water resources and land development markets, we realize the benefit of having a small, knowledgeable, low-cost, timely and effective sub-consultant that is responsive to your service support needs and helps you highlight your firm's services without competing for clients. Ultimately, our goal is to support your role in any project, not supersede it.

"We strive to exceed your expectations, not just meet them."

Colin A. Diehl



Our Staff

DIEHLUX, LLC is a multi-discipline ecological and natural resources consulting firm specializing in innovative and adaptive solutions for energy, telecommunications, water resources, and land development markets. 


The foundation of our firm is providing reliable, cost-effective, and timely ecological and natural resource consulting services in order to help clients meet their project deadlines on time and within budget.

 Our Vision

Our Foundation